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Forge is how our partners and clients want to get the best talent solutions they really need – whether it’s bringing in a team to solve a unique business challenge or finding their talent. From comprehensive business consulting and talent solutions to speciality practices that touch everything from healthcare, and IT to supply chain solutions, Forge is with you all the way.

With Forge, our business partners and candidates get a head start, a new perspective, and a real commitment. That’s why startups and Fortune 500 companies continue to work with us year after year and how we’ve  successfully placed more than 5k candidates and consultants. It’s also why we’ve been named one of the fastest-growing private companies in Pan India for the past few years.

What We Do

Permanent Recruitment

We are always focused on the candidates.

We realise how difficult it is to attract the top talent. Although every business is different, most require the same thing: devoted, productive, and useful personnel. Employers must be innovative and sensitive in today’s highly competitive job market to discover the appropriate fit personnel to best meet their corporate objectives. The emphasis is on selecting talent rather than people.

Our permanent recruitment services help link the greatest professional talent by looking for and presenting applicants for permanent openings within your firm. You get to use new tools and approaches, as well as the most recent breakthroughs in permanent recruitment services innovation, to ensure you can hire the right tech talent effectively and efficiently. We keep an eye on emerging recruitment methods such as workforce mobility and in-demand talents, and we make sure we have the most up-to-date technology in place to source and match the appropriate individuals for the right jobs. 

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Bulk Hiring Services

We at Forge know that if we need to hire a lot of people, we need flexible policies to make sure the company stays successful.

Bulk hiring is the process of filling a large number of available positions at a company in a short period of time. It is often referred to as mass recruiting or volume hiring.

A company may engage in mass recruiting for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it’s due to growth: the establishment of a totally new department or office location, which necessitates the hiring of dozens, if not hundreds, of new personnel at all levels. In other circumstances, businesses engage in bulk hiring to meet a future demand; they make strategic hires when they uncover excellent talent even if current positions aren’t accessible. Perhaps more people are required due to seasonal work increases or high turnover rates in specific departments.

It is done in a three-step process; the first being the interviewing, short-listing and final interview.

Contract Staffing

Hyderabad's contract staffing agencies are a great resource for hiring top talent.

Forge HR selects the best qualified candidate by comparing their qualifications to those given in the job listing. Our skilled career advisers understand how critical it is to connect potential employees’ skills with the demands of a business. As a result, we seek people who have a basic understanding of the topic and who are culturally compatible with the organisation.

Contact Forge Consulting, a premier contract staffing agency situated in Hyderabad. We assist in the recruitment of qualified candidates for both long-term and temporary roles. Before proposing a candidate to a customer, our experts thoroughly examine their credentials. Furthermore, we maintain constant communication with our clients during the employment process. Our professionals will guide the candidate through the entire hiring process.

The best recruitment services can be found at Forge Consulting.

Do you require workers for a project straight away? To meet your requirements, you should contact a contract staffing firm in Hyderabad, such as Forge Consulting. Forge Consulting assists in the selection of candidates who are a suitable fit for the firm not only in terms of their skills and job requirements, but also in terms of the company’s values and methods of operation. We can discover competent employees fast for whatever temporary staffing needs you may have.

Our team has been trained to identify experts in any discipline. We can assist you in finding suitable candidates in a wide range of industries, including information technology and electronic service providing (IT & ITES), sales, marketing, banking, and insurance. We have a large candidate database, which makes us one of the best contract staffing firms in Hyderabad.

Whether you need to fill permanent or temporary employment, Forge Consulting is a reliable bet. We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, so we understand what they require. In a word, if you contact us, our team of skilled recruiters can supply you with personalised solutions for your staffing needs. Because of our meticulous screening and selection procedure, we are able to hire the top professionals from India and around the world.

Forge Consulting is one of India’s most extensively dispersed staffing organisations, with offices in three cities. You can rely on us to perform the heavy lifting when it comes to recruiting competent staff in India and elsewhere. We maintain contact during the recruitment process. 

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Trainings and Deployments

It is critical for any organization’s success to be able to source and retain the best employees. To train, staff, and recruit top personnel from the pool, it’s best to hire top training, staffing, and recruiting firms like Forge.

Individuals are essential to company success. Their strengths and capabilities motivate achievement. Their actions and attitudes define a company’s reputation and create an environment conducive to growth. Moreover, while finding and starting a new job is frequently a stressful period in an expert’s career, the correct boss relationship offers great opportunities to nurture skills, progress vocations, and change lives. At Forge Consulting, we recognise the balance of our motivation to match remarkable skill with incredible opportunity. Furthermore, we are focused on supporting organisations with acquiring talent in a dynamic recruitment environment, where skills, acquiring processes, and the concept of how work is completed are always evolving. Recruiting and Retaining the Best Fit for Your Company.

Quickly Identifying Resources

We already have a pool of prescreened candidates ready to go, and interviews help us make quick hires for the organization.

Cost- Effective

We give the people we hire the right training to teach them job-specific and "soft" skills.

Effective Placement

From taking care of placement offers to salary-related formalities and on-boarding, we ensure a smooth placement process that adds value to your business. 

Employment to Freshers

We take pride in providing good work to the freshers or employees with less experience by making them fully trained to develop specific skill sets.

Proper Monitoring

You can expect regular monitoring of the candidates to see their progress.

Competitive Edge

Forge’s best training infrastructure supports the dynamic staffing needs of businesses, which gives you a competitive edge.

Funded Start up’s

Closing the positions for a start up’s requires a different skill set altogether.  It would be a new learning for the organization and it would a new experience for us as well. We have worked with a lot of startup’s in the past and have gained a significant experience and deep understanding in the same. We have witnessed a lot of start up’s that have scaled heights over a period of time.

Contract Staffing

Do you need people right away for a project? In order to meet your needs, you should get in touch with a contract staffing firm in Hyderabad, such as Forge Consulting. We at Forge Consulting assist in the selection of candidates who are a good fit for the company not only in terms of their qualifications and the requirements of the position but also in terms of the values and methods by which the business operates. We can quickly find qualified candidates for any temporary staffing needs you may have.

Our staff has been instructed to locate experts in any field. We can help you find qualified employees in a variety of industries, including information technology and electronic service provision (IT & ITES), sales, marketing, banking, and insurance. We have an extensive candidate database, making us one of the top contract staffing companies in Hyderabad.

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